Deepinder Sondhi – Executive Chef, General Manager, Partner

Passion for Indian Cuisine

No other single nation of this world provides food with such a wide variety of aromas, flavours, tastes, colours and textures than India.

Indian food has a history of over five millennia and it has evolved over these years influenced by the traders and invaders not only from Asia but also from Middle East and Europe. Europeans also brought with them North and South American influences.

The eating habits and the cooking in India are not only varied because of human - cultural, religious or ethnic factors but also natural factors like terrain and climate. Each region of Indian cuisine is characterized by a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques. As a consequence, it varies from region to region, reflecting the varied demographics of the ethnically diverse country.

I consider myself very lucky to be born in a family which travelled a lot. My father was in Air Force and his job got transferred every 3 years which meant by the time I was out of school we had been to all four corners of the country, which gave me the first hand experience of India's rich and varied culture. I still remember savouring food in local restaurants, eating joints and with local friends at their home.

The days have long since gone when to the uninitiated palate – all Indian food was summed up as curry. In this jet age the world is smaller than ever, resulting in intermingling of worlds cuisines. The Indian cuisine across the globe is evolving fast making itself more appealing to the local population, whilst introducing and educating them to regional Indian flavours.

I strive to provide good authentic and also innovative food at affordable prices. Good food doesn't come cheap abut it doesn't have to exorbitantly expensive. For me Indian food should not be overly spicy, there should a balance of flavours make it delicious, food should be light and not greasy and heavy. The perception of Indian food as unhealthy has to be changed.